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About Us

In 1982 Bendi Narrow Aisle forklift concept was designed as a result of the frustrations encountered with the traditional VNA concept! Don Landoll developed a relationship that allowed the Bendi Narrow Aisle concept to be manufactured and distributed globally in 1993. Landoll's state of the art manufacturing equipment, innovative manufacturing processes and dealer network have provided the Bendi solution to reshape the material handling industry. In 2003 Landoll acquired Drexel. The Landoll Drexel forklift uses a Swingmast ®, which makes Drexel ideal for Very Narrow Aisles. It will operate in aisles as narrow as 4-1/2′ (1.37M), allowing maximized storage in your facility.
Landoll’s goal is to provide the best solution for your material handling needs. Bendi articulating and Drexel SwingMast® Narrow Aisle and Very Narrow Aisle forklifts can provide that solution through increased utilization of space, improved productivity, greater flexibility and maximized efficiency.
Landoll Company, LLC has been providing proven solutions to our customers for over 55 years. With our worldwide customer base, we continue to supply our customers in over 53 countries with products of the highest quality materials and workmanship!

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