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Articulated Very
Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Increase Space Up To 50%

How Much Space Are You Wasting?

With our industry know-how and a wide range of Materials Handling Equipment, we have the right solution for any application.

Our diverse product portfolio is made up of the Standard and Premium range of Bendi Articulated and Drexel Narrow Aisle Forklifts – Meaning anything else is a waste of space.

Drexel Product Line

Industry Leading SwingMast Forklifts to Maximize your storage space.

The Swingmast® has a unique design enabling drivers to rotate the mast assembly 90° and shift left and right to pick or place loads in racks from very narrow aisles without turning the forklift. It will operate in aisles as narrow as 4-1/2′ (1.37M).

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Anything Else is a Waste of Space

Anything Else is a Waste of Space

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